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Bob Masterson


Bob Masterson was with Ripley Entertainment for more than 35 years, almost 20 of those as its President. Starting as a facility manager in 1973, Bob Masterson left Ripley’s in 2009 as Chairman of the Board. During his time as President he successfully guided Ripley’s through a period of unprecedented acquisition, international growth and diversification. During that same time Ripley’s became a respected leisure industry leader in attractions, major aquariums, indoor water park resorts, publishing, trademark licensing, franchising, and facility operations. Mr. Masterson has extensive experience in leisure concept design, project development and construction. He has many years of hands‐on experience overseeing the development and operation of Ripley’s 90 + businesses in 11 countries. Bob Masterson has lived in Canada, Europe, Southeast Asia and the United States, and is a dual citizen of both Canada and the United States. He retired from Ripley’s February 3rd, 2009.

Masterson is a former Chairman of the International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions (IAAPA), the largest industry association for the Theme Park, Aquarium, Attraction, and FEC industry in the world. IAAPA has over 4000 members in more than 90 countries. The IAAPA Board of Directors appointed Bob as its Chairman of the Board for 2007/2008. Bob was the first Chairman of the association, in its ninety‐year history, from the Attraction/Aquarium segment of the leisure industry.

Bob Masterson has led the successful design, development and operation of complicated businesses around the world.